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R. Richard dc5e26843a Refactor MessageSender 3 years ago
docs Add docstrings to CommandsEqual 5 years ago
nginx Add a fallback port for the terminal to avoid crashing proxies 4 years ago
supervisor Add priorities to TFW processes 4 years ago
tfw Refactor MessageSender 3 years ago
.gitignore Implement frontend dependency management 6 years ago
.gitmodules Add submodule with remote tracking 5 years ago
.pylintrc Fix pylint issues 4 years ago
COPYING License project under GNU LGPLv3 4 years ago
COPYING.LESSER License project under GNU LGPLv3 4 years ago
Dockerfile Make /etc/supervisor a writable volume 4 years ago Update 4 years ago
VERSION Name new release 4 years ago
bashrc Implement optional delay in bash history command appending 5 years ago
pytest.ini Silence watchdog's internal deprecation warning when using pytest 4 years ago
requirements.txt Replace pipe-io-server source with the new pip package 4 years ago Look up every module in the package 3 years ago


This is the beating heart of TFW the Docker baseimage containing the internals of the framework. It's most important element is the robust messaging system that makes it straightforward to implement interactive exercises.

To learn more about the framework and get started, please consult our wiki.