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\textbf{Kristóf Tóth}
Software Engineer
+36 20 807 2930\\
Budapest, Hungary\\
Pragmatic engineer with a strong passion for well-crafted software and IT systems.
Seeking to practice my profession delivering maintainable, quality code \& engineering to make a difference.
Striving to advance my craft, understand more and learn new things every day.
\textbf{Full Stack Software Engineer} @ \href{}{}, Budapest\hfill2017--2020
\item Created and maintained a \href{}{framework} still used to create hundreds of interactive IT security tutorials and hacking labs
\item Managed open-sourcing efforts and led development of said framework --- writing, reviewing and merging code, dealing with licensing issues, coordinating with management, product owner and contributors, etc.
\item Created IT security exercises in a variety of topics: from buffer overflows, cryptography and API design to web security
\item Designed and implemented a library used to build all future backend web services
\item Gave several talks and workshops:
\item \href{}{DevSecCon Seattle 2019 --- Containerizing IT Security Knowledge}
\item \href{}{OWASP Seasides 2019, South Goa, India --- A story of protecting critical web applications using OWASP Top 10}
\item \href{}{Hacktivity 2019, Budapest --- Web Security / OWASP TOP 10 training}
\item Assisted sales team by lecturing technical demonstrations and explanations to customers
\item Attended conferences to provide engineering insight and technical detail for product pitches
Applied daily: Clean code, OOP, SOLID principles, modular architecture, software craftsmanship\\
Technical stack: OCI containers, GNU/Linux, Git, Python, C/C++, ZeroMQ, gRPC, SQL, Redis, JS, Angular
\textbf{Teaching Assistant} @ Budapest University of Technology and Economics, Budapest\hfill2017--present
\item Lecturing lab courses, grading assignments and assisting students of the Databases course
\textbf{Computer Engineering BSc}, Budapest University of Technology and Economics\\
Thesis: Designing and Developing a Framework for Tutorials on an Online Learning Platform, 2018
Strong command of \textbf{English} (\textbf{C1} exam since 2013), native Hungarian speaker
\section{Related Leisure Activities}
\item Maintaining and playing with tech I keep around the house:
\item Physical and virtualized servers running: DDNS, VPN, internal PKI, monitoring, Git, private cloud, network storage, home multimedia, etc.
\item Networking equipment and other stuff: routers, switches, UPSes, SoC boards, NASes, old laptops. Anything I can tinker with really.
\item Casually breaking and fixing my Arch Linux installations
\item Using a virtual machine with VFIO GPU passthrough to play video games on a machine running Linux
\item Writing code for whatever reason I can come up with: streaming microphone audio from an old laptop to the PulseAudio server running on your desktop PC is way easier than buying an actual mic
\item Learning, taking my time to understand how things work from the ground up (be that technical or else)
\item Listening to the Grateful Dead!