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from os.path import basename, dirname
from os.path import join as joinpath
from re import sub
from import Iterable
from unidecode import unidecode
class Normalisename:
def __init__(self, separator, whitelist, operation=None):
self._separator = separator
self._whitelist = set(whitelist)
self._operation = None
self.operation = operation or self.noop
def operation(self):
return self._operation
def operation(self, value):
if not callable(value):
raise ValueError('Operation must be callable!')
self._operation = value
def noop(*_):
def separator(self):
return self._separator
def whitelist(self):
return self._whitelist.union({self.separator})
def __call__(self, path_or_paths):
if isinstance(path_or_paths, str):
return self.normalise(path_or_paths)
if isinstance(path_or_paths, Iterable):
return self.normalise_all(path_or_paths)
raise ValueError('Argument must be str Iterable[str]!')
def normalise_all(self, paths):
return [self.normalise(path) for path in paths]
def normalise(self, path):
path = self.strip_trailing_slash(path)
directory = dirname(path)
filename = basename(path)
normalpath = joinpath(directory, self.normalname(filename))
if path != normalpath:
self.operation(path, normalpath) # pylint: disable=not-callable
return normalpath
def strip_trailing_slash(path):
if path[-1] == '/':
path = path[:-1]
return path
def normalname(self, filename):
return unidecode(
ch for ch in sub(r'\s+', self.separator, filename)
if ch.isalnum()
or ch in self.whitelist
def check_normal(self, path):
filename = basename(path)
return filename == self.normalname(filename)